if you live in Abu Dhabi then you are probably familiar with some of the best massage parlors located in the city. But, that said, the fact remains that not all massage parlors in the city can guarantee you the kind of quality service that you deserve. Even within the same massage parlor, there is no sure guarantee that any two clients are going to receive the same kind of service. As such, it is important to take conscious steps to make sure that you get value for your money whenever you go for massage at Abu Dhabi. Getting that kind of service starts with research and the foundation for good research begins by knowing the right questions to ask in order to identify the best Abu Dhabi massage therapists. To that end, below is a discussion of the 6 most important questions to ask your massage therapist before scheduling any massage sessions:

  1. What massage modalities do they use?

Massaging techniques, also known as modalities, are varied and different massage therapists in Abu Dhabi usually choose to specialize in only a few. For instance, while one therapist may offer only light Swedish massage, another therapist may specialize in, say, erotic massage only. Make sure you ask your therapist about the modalities in which they specialize and then decide whether or not their modalities will meet your needs.

  1. What are their skills and experience?

Massage therapists in Abu Dhabi do not need to undergo formal training in order to practice in the city but, even so, it is still always a good idea to only go for trained therapists. In addition, local laws dictate that all therapists be licensed and certified before they can practice anywhere in the city. When looking for a massage therapist, ask for papers showing that the therapist is legally allowed to practice. You might also want to check the expiry dates of the licenses. As with most other professions that require practical application of skills, experience is very important when it comes to choosing the right massage therapist. Make sure you find out the number of years over which the therapist has been practicing as a professional.

  1. How much do they charge?

Every massage parlor has the right to decide how much they will charge for their services and the rates charged by different parlors remain largely uncontrolled. Because of this, there are major differences between the rates charged by various massage therapists and it is definitely in your best interest to try and find one whose services you can afford to pay for. Of course the very best massage parlors will probably charge you a little more than what you would pay at other parlors but that does not mean that the most expensive therapists are always the best ones. The idea here is to try and achieve an optimal balance between quality and affordability. Still on rates, you should also make inquiries about their preferred payment methods.

  1. How available are they?

The best massage therapists are always in demand and may not always be available all the time. As such, you should ask about the therapy schedules and then go for a therapist who will be available when you need them. Fortunately, many of the top massage parlors in Abu Dhabi are quite flexible in their schedules and will probably be open to adjusting their schedules to fit conveniently with yours. A good number of them even make arrangements to come to you wherever you are through special packages like Abu Dhabi hotels massage services.

  1. Do they have any special offers and treats?

From time to time, massage parlors in Abu Dhabi usually set up special offers and treats in an effort to attract new clients and retain old ones. You should ask your therapist if they have any similar offers and the conditions for qualifying if they do. For instance, you may find that a massage parlor decides to sell their services at a discount within a given period and by knowing about that you can take advantage of the information and save some money during the massage.

  1. What type of equipment do they use?

The kind of equipment used during massage therapy has a direct influence on the outcome of the session. Only the best equipment can guarantee the satisfaction that you are looking for and so it is important to check first and confirm the kind of equipment being used by the massage therapists you are thinking of employing. In this context, the equipment refers to everything that will be used by the therapist during the session including the massage tables, the massage oils and even the lotions as well. Make sure you only go for massage therapists with the best equipment.